My Public Apology to George

Dear George,

You must be surprised to hear from me at this time. I know. But I have a few words that I must say to you.

I am really really really sorry for my misguided comments about Drake’s most recent album, Views. A couple of months ago I had the following to say in a Facebook post:

“Taking a moment out of my day to acknowledge how underwhelming Drake’s #Views album really is. 20 tracks in yet I’m not really in my feels; I have not called my ex, and; I have not shed a single tear. This is quite tragic.”

Immediately I published that post, you expressed your disagreement in the strongest terms possible, arguing that Views is in fact Drake’s best work. In response, I said that you would need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation to justify your position. Oh, forgive me. I didn’t try to make you feel a way, and if I did, please know this: it wasn’t on purpose.

In all of this, you were clearly perplexed as to why I had failed to recognize—in your own words—The Beats. The Feels. The Evolution.

My brother, I have seen the light now.


Since we spoke, I have spent a lot of time listening to the album, and I have ended up liking it. I listen to it all the time now. Seriously. Like, I listen to it when I commute, when I pretend to make gains in the gym, when I clean, when I cook, when I play FIFA. Even on my Snapchat, I publish clips from the album with the caption #Views. I played it so much that concerned folks started reaching out to me to ask if someone had broken my heart. Of course, I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of their concerns. Anyway, you should also know that I’m even listening to it right now as I write this letter to you. I was in Lagos for a part of the summer and on multiple occasions, my brothers gave me the rare privilege of controlling the aux cord. I played Views over and over again, and they liked it. They really did, and for some reason this makes me feel some pride. Speaking of pride, I’m sure you know that the popular song on the album, “One Dance” features Nigeria’s very own Wizkid. Ahhhh!

Before I conclude, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite lines from the album:


Don’t get hyped for the moment then start to backpedal/Don’t let your newfound fame fool you or cloud up your judgement. – Weston Road Flows


Always saw you for what you could’ve been . . . Like when Chrysler made that one car that looked just like a Bentley. – Keep the Family Close


And I turn the six upside down, it’s a nine now. – 9. I don’t really know what he meant here, but it just sounds so dope. 


I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do. – Feel No Ways


They’ve been sayin’ it’s love, but it isn’t love, is it?/You don’t worry ’bout fittin’ in when you custom made/I’d share more of my story but you wouldn’t believe it/I might take a breather but I won’t ever leave you/If I was you, I wouldn’t like me either. – Views


Certain people need to tell me they’re proud of me . . . That mean a lot to me – Redemption


That ***** knows me better than I know myself.Faithful

I have to stop writing now. However, I hope that these words convince you of the sincerity of my apology for speaking ill of #Views. I Feel it now. The Beats. The Feels. The Evolution.

I am keen to hear from you soon. Hope you write back.

All my best,

James Ladi Williams



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